Why Choose Us.

When it comes to choosing where to study, try to imagine yourself in that one place for the next three to four years before making that commitment.

We offer our students the chance to study in three different locations, each one with their own unique offer!

At IAA, we prepare you for the real world long before you graduate by helping you to build and enhance your career. Ensuring you’re employable at the end of your course is our number one priority. We will help you to develop your skills through a variety of work-related experiences.

Your learning environment at IAA is characterized by:.

1. Unique Location

Beautifully located in Arusha; at a spacious 21 acres land in the Geneva of Africa and the heart of tourism industry in the East Africa;

2. Unique Location

Arusha is known as a centre of many international organizations such as East African Community and International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

3. Learning Environment

A modern learning environment fitted with audio-visual equipment to support collaborative learning

4. Modern Facilities

Six computer labs fitted with modern equipment to facilitate hands-on learning

5. Highly Qualified Staff

The presence of young, dynamic, educated, and motivated faculty ready to prepare you for the future

6. Reputation

Reap the benefits of the reputation we have built over the years in the areas of accountancy, business, information technology, procurement, and banking and finance sectors