Bachelor in Accountancy

Duration: 3 years


This course we offer competence-based training which provides students with ability to execute, in the real world, relevant tasks to a specified level of proficiency. We use professional and experienced lecturers to teach real world accounting skills in order to equip aspiring accountants with the professional competencies needed to
provide services that are relevant in the globalized and rapidly digitizing age in which business transactions are increasingly complex. In this regard students are also taught how to use accounting packages such as PASTEL, Tally etc. This course also enables students to combine practice and theoretical knowledge of financial accounting. The course will provide decision making skills in the financial analysis and ability to identify and analyse financial accounting problems and opportunities in real life situations.


- Business Mathematics
- Business Computer Application
- Business Communication
- Development Studies
- Introductory Accounting
- Introductory Macro Economics

- Business ethics and good governance
- Business Statistics
- Business Laws
- Financial Accounting
- Financial Management
- Introductory Micro Economics


- Management Information systems
- Research Methodology
- Marketing Management
- Advanced Cost Accounting
- Intermediate Financial Accounting
- Corporate Finance

- Operations Research
- Entrepreneurship
- Advanced Financial Accounting
- Auditing
- Taxation and Public Finance
- Practical Training


-Principles of management
-Organization Behavior
-Public Sector Accounting
-International Finance
-Management Accounting and Control

-Strategic Management
-Financial Reporting
-Auditing and Assurance Services
-Contemporary Issues in Accounting
-Advanced Public Finance and Taxation

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

  • Form VI (six) with at least two principal passes in Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics and Commerce with total points not below 4.0 obtained from the scoring: A=5, B+ = 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, E=0.5, F=0 for those who completed studies in year 2014 onwards OR
  • Form VI (six) with at least two principle passes in Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics and commerce with total points not below 4.0 obtained from the scoring: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1, S=0.5, F= 0 for those who completed studies before year 2014 OR
  • An appropriate Ordinary Diploma with second class or average of “B” pass OR,
  • An NTA Level 6 with at least Second Class equivalent qualification in the related subjects