Bachelor of Economic and Taxation

Duration: 3 years

This programme is designed with the focus of producing graduates with necessary skills and knowledge in the field of economics and taxation.A graduate is expected to have high expertise in handling profound aspects of economic and social development through formulating sound economic plans and policies as well as implementing them, be insightful problem solver and critical thinker.
It is aimed at producing professionals who will be able to apply knowledge, skills and understanding in a wide and unpredictable variety of contexts with substantial personal responsibility, responsibility for the work of others and responsibility for the allocation of resources, policy, planning, execution and evaluation. Additionally students will be equipped with skills on tax policy planning and assessments for both public and private organizations. The programme provides skills in economics, taxation, investment analysis and management, tax assessor’s experts and policy planners


- Business Mathematics
- Development Studies
- Business Communication
- Business Computer Applications
- Introductory Accounting
- Introduction to Financial Management

- Business Statistics
- Business Laws
- International Trade and Finance
- Money and Banking
- Introductory Micro Economics
- Principles of Banking


- Fundamentals of Marketing
- Research Methodology
- Management Information Systems
- Business Lending
- Fundamentals of Macro Economics
- Corporate Finance

- Entrepreneurship
- Operations Research
- Public Finance
- Financial Markets and Institutions
- Bank Supervision and Regulation
- Practical Training

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

  • Form VI (six) with at least two principal passes in Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics and Commerce with total points not below 4.0 obtained from the scoring: A=5, B+ = 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, E=0.5, F=0 for those who completed studies in year 2014 onwards OR
  • Form VI (six) with at least two principle passes in Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics and commerce with total points not below 4.0 obtained from the scoring: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1, S=0.5, F= 0 for those who completed studies before year 2014 OR
  • An appropriate Ordinary Diploma with second class or average of “B” pass OR,
  • An NTA Level 6 with at least Second Class equivalent qualification in the related subjects