Basic Technician Certificate in Computing and Information Technology (BTCCIT)

Duration: 2 years

Semesters: 4

The Basic Technician Certificate in Information Technology intends to enhance the provision of service skills that meet standards of service excellence within the field of Information Technology, or Information Systems. Specifically, the objectives of the qualification are to:

(a) Use basic computer skills to perform computer operations and office application packages
(b) Apply different computer software skills and knowledge to install, configure & service computer software and provide web sites services
(c) Apply basic electronics theories and electrical circuit diagrams to install, service, maintain and repair computer hardware and its peripherals
(d) Apply elementary mathematical principles and networking theories to assist in setting up of computer network
(e) Provide End-user support and quality customer care using communication and problem solving skills


- Elements of Business Mathematics and Statistics
- Basic Communication Skills
- Elements of Computer Systems
- Basic Computer Applications in Business
- Basic Internet Applications in Business

- Essentials of Office Practice
- Customer Care
- Elementary Computer Networking Skills
- Basic Troubleshooting Computer Problem Skills
- Elementary Computer Hardware and Peripherals


- Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
- Principles of Network Design
- Introduction to principles of Programming
- Principles of Software Development
- Principles of Web design and management

- Supervisory Communication Skills
- Principles of Database System Design
- Discrete Mathematics
- Project Work
- Fundamentals of Software Deployment
- Server Operating System Administration

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

  • Form VI (six) with at least one principal pass in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Biology with total points not below 1.5 obtained from the scoring A= 5, B+ = 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, E=0.5, F=0 for those who completed studies in year 2014 onwards
  • Form VI (six) with at least one principle pass in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Biology with total points not below 1.5 obtained from the scoring: A=5, B=4, C= 3, D=2, E=1, S=0.5, F=0 for those
    who completed studies before year 2014
  • An appropriate equivalent Certificate with second class or B Average
  • NTA Level 4
  • Any other equivalent qualification e.g. Full Technician Certificate (FTC) with an average minimum pass of D