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  • Strategic Management

As it is well stated by many Scholars that lack of proper planning is one of the most often cited reasons for business failures. As a mitigation for the problem, institutions develop both Strategic Plan and Business Plan in order to create the combination of factors that sets the business apart from its competitors and gives it a unique position in the market. This is what is called a competitive advantage. Every business must establish a plan for creating a unique image in the minds of its existing and potential customers and other stakeholders. A company builds a competitive edge on its core competencies, which are a unique set of capabilities that a company develops in key operational areas, such as quality, service, innovation, team building, flexibility, responsiveness, and others, that allow it to vault past competitors. These are what the company does best and are the focal point of the strategy.

Course Objectives

  • Conduct environmental analysis and develop a business idea;
  • Conducting a feasibility analysis;
  • Build a business Competitive Advantage;
  • Strategically identify and design a sustainable development project
  • Develop a reputable Business plan
  • Develop a solid Strategic Plan
  • Properly apply Balanced score card in strategic plan development and
  • Identify and manage potential risks relating to achievement of strategic objectives

Course Content

  • The concept of management and strategic Management
  • Building business competitive advantage
  • Business idea development
  • Conducting feasibility analysis
  • Business Environment analysis
  • Identify and design suitable development projects
  • Developing reputable business Plan
  • Design organization Vision, mission and goals
  • Developing strategic Plan
  • Apply Balanced score card in strategic plan development
  • Risk management

Targeted Group

The course is relevant to all Directors, officers, managers, Heads of Departments and employees in public and private firms including not-for-profit organizations & government departments, business owners, consultants, trainers, mentors and any interested parties.

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