Diploma in Library and Information Studies

Course Overview

Diploma of Library and Information Studies is developed to meet the needs of current and future needs of employers in the field of Library and Information centres management. It’s a three years program, covering the certificate level NTA level 4 at the first year (exit level), and a diploma level NTA level 5 & 6 in the second and third year. The program combines the best skills of information management with much focus placed on developing skills and competencies related to the current trends of the application of information communication technology in operating libraries and managing information.

What you'll study

Semester I- Certificate

    • Basic Principles of Library management
    • Basic Principles of Library management
    • Library Resources Maintenance
    • Safety and Security of Library Facilities
    • Basic Communication Skills
    • Basic Computer Applications in Libraries
    • Basic Library operations

Semester I- Diploma

    • Principles of Cataloguing
    • Principles of Library Operations
    • Graphics Design
    • Computer Applications in Library
    • Communication Skills and Office Practice
    • Library Ethics

Semester II- Certificate

    • Basic Internet applications
    • Essential of Office practice
    • Customer Care
    • Basic Computer Troubleshooting
    • Elements of Information  Retrieval

Semester II-Diploma

    • Management Principles
    • Principles of Classification
    • Financial Planning and Budgeting
    • Principles of Computer Maintenance
    • Preservation and Conservation of Library Resources
    • Industrial Attachment

Semester III- Diploma

    • Information Literacy
    • Principles of Database systems
    • Information Management Systems
    • Library Collection Development
    • Concepts of Entrepreneurship
    • Principles of Information Retrieval

Semester IV- Diploma

    • Disaster Management
    • Library Archival Management
    • System Analysis and Design
    • Basic Principles of Web Designing
    • Information Society
    • Marketing of library services
Entry Requirements

NTA level 4 (certificate); A candidate shall be deemed eligible for admission if has obtained A form IV (four) Certificate of Secondary Education with at least Four (4) passes or NVA level 3 as equivalent qualification.

NTA level 5 (diploma);  A candidate shall be deemed eligible for admission if has obtained a form VI (six) certificate of Advanced Secondary education with at least one principal pass in relevant subjects or NTA level 4  Certificate with second class or B average .

What you'll experience

At the end of the programme, graduates will be able to;

  • Apply principles of library operations and ethics in managing library information services
  • Apply principles of Information processing, Conservation and Preservation tin managing library information resources
  • Apply communication, financial and managerial skills in managing work performance in the library.
  • Apply computer applications, graphic design and maintenance skills to support library operations
  • Apply Principles of Information Retrieval, user assessments and literacy in managing access to information resources in the library
  • Apply principles of information archiving, disaster management  and collection development in maintaining Library resources
  • Apply Principles of entrepreneurship, web designing and marketing to market and manage library venture
  • Apply principles of information system, and database in managing library data and services

Careers and opportunities

Students upon completing will be confident in library operations, activities and services, Search, retrieve and utilize different kind of information, Apply ICTs in information handling, Apply theories, principles and practices of bibliographic description, Classify different library resources and services, managing library databases and related information systems, Organize library and information centre resources, and manage ICT infrastructure in libraries and information centers. This qualification will make a candidate be ready to work in a range of roles, including:

  • Librarian Assistant
  • Records Officer Assistant
  • Information officer Assistant
  • Archivist officer Assistant
  • Library ICT assistant

Teaching methods

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Laboratory work
  • Practical work

How you're assessed

  • Technical reports and logbooks
  • Written exams
  • Mini projects
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Group assignments

  • Fee 900,000/=
  • Duration 3 Years
  • Language English
  • Mode of Study
  • Intakes