MSc. Business Administration in Leadership and Governance

Duration: 1 year

Semesters: 2

This program is geared towards producing competent graduates imparted with knowledge, skills and experiences for application in policy marking and decision making in managerial level in the ring of Leadership and Governance. Graduates will also be able to operate at tactical and strategic levels as well as lead and manage Leadership and Governance of the organization within the business environment, at both local and international context both in public and private sector.


-Marketing Management,
-Operations Management
-Human Resource and Change Management
-Financial for Leaders
-Strategic Management

-Business research methods
-Leadership theories and good governance
-Negotiation and Decision making
-Corporate Law

Elective Modules
-Project Management
-Conflict Management

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

• Bachelor Degree with at least a Second Class from an approved Institution of Higher Learning
• A second Class Advanced Diploma from a recognized Institute or equivalent qualifications
• A professional qualification recognized by Professional bodies (e.g. CSP, CPA) (T)
• Candidates with a PASS degree will be considered upon producing evidence of having obtained an examined
Postgraduate Diploma

You will pay 40% before registration on the first semester,
20% at the end of semester one before examination week and
40% should be paid before commencement of the second semester