Online application system (OAS) is a web-based application that allows applicants to apply for various academic programmes at IAA.

Instructions/Steps on how to apply for various programmes at IAA:
  • Fill in the Personal Information form.
  • Make sure that you fill in or select all fields marked with * on the online application form before you submit it.
  • Click on Save button located at the bottom of form
  • If all required fields are filled in, when you click Save you will receive successful notification message and email will be send to the email address you provided in a form
  • If any required field is missing when you click save, you will also receive failure notification message and you have to repeat from step 2
  • Appilication fee is TZS10,000/= for Bachelor, Diploma and Certificate programs, TZS30,000/= for postgraduate
    and TZS50,000/= for Masters program
  • Pay the application fee at the CRDB bank account No. 01J1035916500 named Institute of Accountancy Arusha. OR
  • NBC bank account No. 014139000031 named Institute of Accountancy Arusha.
  • Applicant required to login using username and password as received in their email in order to complete application process .
    • NB:
    • The names you fill in an application form should be the same as those in your O-Level and A-Level certificates.
    • You are advised to think very carefully before you fill in or select boxes provided in a form and pay full attention to your programme selection.
      If you have any problem, please use the following contacts below:
    • Admission Office:
      • 0713 374 415
      • 0765 956 511
      • 0784 542 778
      • 0754 893 171
      • 0754 990 787