Master of Science in Finance and Banking (MSc-FB)

  • FeeTZS 4,395,000
  • LevelMaster Degree
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Duration 1 Year
  • Starting DateOctober, 2023


The Programme is geared towards producing competent professionals in banking and financial analytics with international standards, who may work at managerial level positions in banking and other financial institutions.The programme will equip students with deeper knowledge and practical skills on financial and banking management including; legal aspects of financial system, risk and treasury management in banking, fiscal and monetary policy practices, investment and portfolio management, financial and project management, trade credits and bank lending, artificial intelligence in banking, governance and strategic management and other fundamental analytical skills. Graduates from this programme will be flexible and able to meet challenges of the labor market.

The programme is flexible and convenient as it considers for employees working in the private and public sector due to the Blended Learning Model (BLM). With BLM approach, the students who are not able to attend physical classes can choose to learn and accomplish all assignments through online essentials like Moodle and Zoom. The students who opt for BLM; it requires them to appear physically at the campus during class tests, final exams, research proposal and dissertation presentations. This programme contains the following modules and dissertation writing.

What you'll study
Semester I

  • Legal Aspects of financial system
  • Treasury management in Banks
  • Risk management in Banks
  • Fiscal and monetary policy practices
  • Management practices and Business Ethics
  • E-banking and cyber security
  • Statistic and econometrics finance
Semester II

  • Investment and Portfolio management
  • Financial and project Management
  • Trade credits and Bank lending
  • Artificial Intelligence in Banking
  • Governance and strategic management
  • Research methodology and Dissertation
Entry Requirements

  1. At least a Second Class Degree of the Institute of Accountancy Arusha or an equivalent degree from a recognized higher learning Institution.
  2. Candidates with unclassified degree (e.g. M.D.) Shall have at least a B grade average in the subject of the intended Master’s Programme.
  3. A Candidate who holds a Pass Degree may also be considered for admission if:

                i)His/her undergraduate performance in the proposed area of study was at least B grade.

                ii)He/she scored B grade in the project work/research as one of the conditions for accomplishment of Bachelor Degree.

  1. An applicant with a Postgraduate diploma in the respective field of study.
  2. Candidate with Second Class Advanced Diploma of Accountancy Arusha or from any other recognized higher learning Institution.