Diploma in Finance and Banking

  • FeeTZS 900,000
  • LevelOrdinary Diploma
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Duration 3 Years (Form IV), 2 Years (Form VI)
  • Starting DateOctober, 2023


This course focuses on developing understanding of banking and finance environment both locally and globally, which prepares students for a career in finance and banking sectors. It aims to provide sound knowledge to handle the operational aspects in banking and finance. The course will equip students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to enable preparation and analysis of the financial statements of the banks/companies; provide understanding of marketing concepts and activities related to the banking industry; and understand banking sector specific regulatory requirements. This program is mainly targeting secondary school leavers and certificate level holders, who seek either a higher level qualification in order the enhance their employment prospects, or who need a strong foundation qualification in banking and finance for bachelor degree studies.

What you'll study
Semester I

  • Basic Book-Keeping
  • Elements of Commerce
  • Elements of Business Mathematics and Statistics
  • Basic Computer Application in Business
  • Basic Communication Skills
Semester II

  • Book-Keeping and Accounts
  • Elements of Banking
  • Elementary Micro-Finance
  • Essentials of Office Practice
  • Elements of Business Finance
Semester I

  • Principles of Accounts
  • Communication skills and Office Practice
  • Introduction to Computer Application
  • Introduction to Bank Operations
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Introduction to Business Mathematics and Statistics
Semester II

  • Introduction to Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Introductory Micro-Finance
  • Introduction to Taxation
  • Introduction to Business Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Industrial Training
Semester I

  • Fundamentals Financial of Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Business Finance
  • Marketing of financial service
  • Presentation Skills
  • Principles of Banking Operations
Semester II

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Fundamentals of Banking Law
  • Principles of Cost Accounting
  • Small Business Management
  • Principles of Entrepreneurship
Entry Requirements

Form IV (3 Years Programme)

  1. Certificate of Secondary Education with 4 Passes in Non- Religious Studies.

Form VI (2 Years Programme)

  1. Advanced Certificate of Secondary Examination with One Principal Pass and One Subsidiary Pass.
  2. or any other equivalent qualification e.g. ATEC II