Diploma in Information Technology

  • FeeTZS 900,000
  • LevelOrdinary Diploma
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Duration 3 Years (Form IV), 2 Years (Form VI)
  • Starting DateOctober, 2023


The Diploma in Information Technology is for you if you want to build a better world with technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing and the like.

This program will introduce you to practical and theoretical knowledge in IT, and you will learn the fundamentals of programming, computer science, business systems, database design and digital media. In addition to IT skills, this course also equips you with skills in boosting your professional development, to broaden your job prospects and thrive in your next workplace.

What you'll study
Semester I

  • Elements of Computer Systems
  • Basic Computer Applications
  • Elements of Business Mathematics and Statistics
  • Basics Theories of computer electronics
  • Basic Communication Skills
Semester II

  • Elementary Computer Networking
  • Basic Computer Troubleshooting
  • Essentials of Office Practice
  • Basic Internet Applications
  • Customer Care
Semester I

  • Computing Mathematics
  • Introduction to Computer Applications
  • Introduction to Electrical and Electronics
  • Introduction to Management Principles
  • Communication Skills and Office Practice
Semester II

  • Introduction to Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Operating Systems Concepts
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Computer Networks
  • Industrial Training
Semester I

  • Linear Algebra
  • Web Programming
  • Database Concepts
  • Information System Analysis
  • Desktop Publishing
Semester II

  • Project Work
  • Server Operating System Administration
  • Principles of IS Management
  • ICT for Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Entry Requirements

Form IV (3 Years Programme)

  1. Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) with four (4) D passes and above in non-religious subjects or NVTA Level 3, or Any equivalent qualification.

Form VI (2 Years Programme)

  1. Advanced Certificate of Secondary Examination (ACSEE) with One Principal Pass and One Subsidiary Pass.