Basic Technician Certificate in Insurance and Risk Management

Business environments are characterized by different risks and uncertainties which need special techniques in assuring needed business returns and reduce business failures resulting from these risks and uncertainties. This programme is aimed at producing skilled and innovative personnel who are classic to satisfy markets and sectors of the economy.

The programme is geared towards developing responsible, creative, comprehensive and innovative graduates to deal with all types of insurance business and associated risks which could cause both unfavorable outcomes in business and in well-being of human life. The programme aims at providing professional approach necessary to advanced knowledge and skills that will give the greatest opportunities to serve the needy society in the process of development, stimulate student interest in developing ideas and designs/approaches towards best practices in the insurance and risk management development systems which provides both social and economic development utilities in business firms as a result of insurance and risk measures taken and produce graduates who are ready to enter employment in the Insurance Market at senior managerial and strategic levels including decision making, policy design, implementation and control.

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