Masters of Information Security

Duration1 years

Semesters: 2

Information security is increasingly becoming one of the top challenges in information systems. The advances in telecommunications, evolution of cloud computing and advancements in the World Wide Web (www) makes information sharing a core component of day-to-day life of the society.


- Data Structure
- Information Security and Cryptography
- Software Engineering Principles
- Problem Solving and Program Design
- ICT Project Management

- Computer Organization and Architecture
- Advance Computer Networks
- Security in Grid Computing
- Information and Coding Theory C
- Advanced Database Management Systems

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

• Bachelor Degree with at least a Second Class from an approved Institution of Higher Learning
• A second Class Advanced Diploma from a recognized Institute or equivalent qualifications
• A professional qualification recognized by Professional bodies (e.g. CSP, CPA) (T)
• Candidates with a PASS degree will be considered upon producing evidence of having obtained an examined
Postgraduate Diploma

You will pay 40% before registration on the first semester,
20% at the end of semester one before examination week and
40% should be paid before commencement of the second semester