Masters of Software Engineering

Duration: 2 years

Semesters: 4

As many business processes are going for automation, there is a high and ever growing need for custom-developed software and its management. Expertise is needed in the area of Software Development and its management to manage the process and ensure quality and timely delivery of project products.


- Data Structure
- Discrete Mathematics
- Software Engineering Principle
- Problem Solving and Program Design
- ICT Project Management

- Usability
- Advanced Computer Networks
- Advanced Programming
- Computer Algorithms
- Advanced Database Management Systems


- Web-based Systems Development
- Open Systems Application
- Development
- Software Process Management
- Research Methods

Elective-Choose One Module
- E- Commerce
- Entrepreneurship
- ICT Strategic Planning and Management

Elective-Choose Two Modules
- Database Security
- Cyber Crimes and Computer Laws
- Ethical Hacking
- Wireless Communication
- Data Mining and Warehousing
- Multimedia Database systems
- Virtual Reality and Modelling
- Image Processing
- Decision Support Systems
- Mobile Communication

- Dissertation

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

• Bachelor Degree with at least a Second Class from an approved Institution of Higher Learning
• A second Class Advanced Diploma from a recognized Institute or equivalent qualifications
• A professional qualification recognized by Professional bodies (e.g. CSP, CPA) (T)
• Candidates with a PASS degree will be considered upon producing evidence of having obtained an examined
Postgraduate Diploma