Ordinary Diploma in Procurement and Logistics Management

Duration: 2 years

Semesters: 4

There are lot of challenges faced by the business world in managing both effective procurement, and logistics processes. This programme targets individuals who are willing to acquire plans on the flows of goods, information, and human resources in an effective and efficient manner. This programme provides competencies in procurement and in developing and executing an opportunity to interact with the best procurement, and
logistics management faculty in understanding and intertwining essential disciplines such as purchasing principles and practices, warehousing practices, stores and stock management, procurement management, and logistics management; and thereafter suggest the best strategies in addressing procurement and logistics challenges. We adopt a competency-based training approach in fulfilling your needs.



- Introduction to Business management
- Introduction to Business Mathematics and Statistics
- Introduction to Information Communication Technology
- Purchasing Principles and Practice
- Stores and Stock Control
- Principles of Book-keeping and Accounts

- Communication Skills and Office Practice
- Fundamentals of Cost Accounting
- Supervisory Skills
- Introduction to Logistics Operations
- Elements of Public Procurement
- Industrial Training


- Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
- Fundamentals of computer applications
- Principles of Warehousing
- Commercial Law
- Transport Operations
- Public Procurement

- Introduction to Principles of Management
- Principles of Entrepreneurship
- Principles of Economics Fundamental
- Clearing and Forwarding
- Presentation Skills

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

• Form VI (six) with at least one principal pass in relevant subjects total points not
below 1.5 obtained from the scoring A= 5, B+ = 4, B=3, C=2, D=1, E=0.5, F=0 for
those who completed studies in year 2014 onwards

• Form VI (Six) with at least one principle pass in Form VI (six) in relevant subjects
with total points not below 1.5 obtained from the scoring: A=5, B= 4, C=3, D=2,
E=1, S= 0.5, F=0 for those who completed studies before year 2014

• An appropriate equivalent Certificate with second class or B Average• NTA Level 4

• Any other equivalent qualification e.g. ATEC II.