Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy

Duration: 1 year

Semesters: 2

The proposed Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy program is different from those offered by other institutions in that while it prepares people with intermediate accountancy qualifications to attempt and pass the final stages, it is also future – focused and targets accountants who will engage in businesses at the local as well as at the international level



- Quantitative Techniques for Finance
- Corporate Finance
- Business Analysis and Valuation
- Financial Markets and Institutions
- Financial Risk Management

- Research Methods for Finance
- Institutional Investment
- Investment and Portfolio Management
- Behavioural Finance
- Elective Module
- MSc-FI Dissertation

 Elective Modules – choose one
- Emerging Financial Markets
- Project Management
- Corporate Governance and Ethics

Minimum Entry Qualifications:

• Bachelor Degree (Accounting option) or Advanced Diploma in Accountancy from any reputable Institution
• NBAA’s CPA Intermediate stage
• Any other equivalent qualification