Article Format and Requirements

Article Format and Requirements

1. Conformity:  Research- based articles must conform to the following structure:-

(a)  An author’s abstract of between 100 and 150 words should appear at the beginning of the article. This should be complete in itself, outlining the purpose, method and findings or contribution to knowledge.

(b)  Introduction/Overview: To introduce the subject matter contained in the article by highlighting the objectives of the articles and the expected outcomes of the discussion. This section should show how the article is organized, tools of analysis used to illustrate points (e.g. figure and exhibits) and sources of information being discussed.

(c) Literature Review: To show particulars of literature reviewed and secondary data collected. Source of information must be specifically shown by acknowledging the works of former researchers and by examining arguments of forerunners and predecessors on the issues.

(d)  Methodology: To describe how the research was undertaken,hypotheses/research questions used, research design, how data was collected (questionnaires, interviews) and analyzed, models used, sampling techniques, and other methods of data collection.

(e)   Findings: To state the findings of the study as revealed by the data analyzed. Where the study does not cover an empirical study, authors should state their confirmed opinions as might be supported by well-presented arguments.

(f)  Discussion of findings: To discuss the findings in terms of knowledge acquired, studies/literature made, and experiences gathered. Authors should take care of implication of their discussion and findings to specific interested persons.

(g) Other Considerations: Where appropriate, extensive details, tables,diagrams and illustrations should be presented within the text. Figures and exhibits must be supported by clear headings.

(h) Conclusion(s): To emphasis on the main issues raised in the discussion and give well-constructed recommendations where appropriate.


2. Information Source

In content and information sources manuscripts submitted for publication should display some of the following qualities to qualify for publication:-

 (i) Work based on research findings (survey, case study or experiment)

(ii) Use of authentic primary or secondary data

(iii) A critical analysis of theories, practices (field work) or commentary on existing literature

(iv)   Originality in ideas and / or arguments.

(v)   Use of up–to–date and authoritative references

3. Physical and Bibliographic Presentation

Manuscripts submitted should meet the following physical and bibliographic requirements:

(i)  Manuscripts are accepted on the assumption that they contain original and unpublished work. Re – publishing may require permission from the original publisher.

(ii) Manuscripts must be written in English and between 3000 and 3500 words in length. Reviews, reports of projects and research are expected to be shorter, less than 2000 words. Announcement of an academic nature are also accepted.

(iii) Material should be typed on A4 size paper, font size 12 Times New Roman, double spaced with a broad margin of 1.25 inches on left and right margin, submitted in duplicate.

(iv) Enough information is required clearly identifying the author’s full name, occupation/designation, title and full address.